Following this aim, we founded a R&D center with full quality control laboratories in the chemical university in Jiangsu, supported by a strong R&D team of skillful chemist and chemical engineer in chemical synthesis biochemical respect.
We can supply the new molecular from kg to several decades metric ton.

Combined with the cooperation of 2 production sites in Jiangsu, We have two seperate pilot plants. We
are strong in the chemical reaction as following.
Halogenation Reaction(Cl2,Br2)
Dehydrolysis Reaction(HF)
Cyclization Reaction(NaN3)
Acylation Reaction
Condensation Reaction
Chlorosulfonation Reaction
Diazonation Reaction
Grignard Reaction
Reduction Reaction(KBH4,NaBH4)
Esterification Reaction
Hydrolysis Reaction
Addition Reaction(HF,HBr)
Process condition and equipments
Reaction Temperature Rang:-30℃~ 200℃
Hydrogenation Pressure:5.0Mpa
Vacuum:150Pa or 1.3mmHg
Reactor:5L ~ 5000L, Total Devices :18
Purified water':300Kg / h,(De-ionized water):5000 Kg / h
Purified Gas Devices:560m3
Waste-water Cleaning Treament:Equipments: 2
Deal with amount: 200T/Day, Standard Test: COD ≤100

The above are the facilities from our partner factory in Yangzhou, Jiangsu.
    Agomelatine [138112-76-2] and its intermediates
    Vorapaxar intermediates
    Ledipasvir intermediates
    Velpatasvir intermediates
    Amisulpride intermediate
    Daclatasvir intermediates
    Analiptin inermediate
    LCZ696 intermediates
    Strong recommend
    Apixaban intermediates
    Atorvastatin intermediates
    Canagliflozin intermediates
    Dabigatran Etexilate intermediates
    Dapagliflozin intermediates
    Dasatinib intermediates
    Empagliflozin intermediates
    Eprosartan intermediates
    Ezetimibe intermediates
    Linagliptin intermediate
    Linezolid intermediate
    Olmesartan intermediate
    Paliperidone intermediates
    Quetiapine Fumarate intermediate
    Rivoraxaban intermediates
    Saxagliptin intermediates
    Sitagliptin intermediate
    Sofosbuvir intermediates [1190307-88-0]
    Ticagrelor intermediates
    Anthracene series
    Biphenyl series
    Fluorene series
    Naphthalene series

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